Saturday, September 10, 2016

Musqueam Naming Ceremony for Langara College

"As Chief of the Musqueam Indian Band and on behalf of the First Nations people of Musqueam I am honored to participate in the Musqueam Naming Ceremony for Langara College. Langara College sits on the unceded traditional territory of the Musqueam First Nation so it is very important that the College is taking the steps to create a Musqueam identity. I know that this naming ceremony will now become part of the culture of the College and be a source of pride for Langara students and all who come to the campus. By honoring Musqueam and incorporating its symbols and traditions into the very fabric of the College you begin a process of reconciliation and lay a foundation for new and positive partnerships for the future”, said Wayne Sparrow, Chief of the Musqueam First Nation.

"The hour-long ceremony was led by Musqueam Siem Henry Charles and included a traditional song and dance by Musqueam warriors. Langara College’s Elder in Residence, Gail Sparrow, a former Musqueam Chief, served as master of ceremonies."

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